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Kalevala bone-setting


Kalevala bone-setting is a comprehensive form of treatment based on the old  to traditional knowledge and knowledge of human structure. I am currently studying to become a Kalevala member bone-setter Improper muscle loads, accidents, childbirth or traumatic experiences can cause changes in the body's functions. These changes can appear as accumulations of tissue fluids, pain in muscles, tendons and muscle membranes.

Tightened muscles, tendons and muscle membranes slowly start to pull different parts of the body into the wrong position. The pelvis and spine are the most common targets of incorrect positions. When body tension and  if the state of tension continues long enough, tissue fluid, blood circulation and nervous system function are also disturbed.

The Kalevala bone-setting is based on kinetic  for balancing the chains and tissue fluid circulation from the soles of the feet to the skull with the help of mobilisation treatment.

The Kalevala bone-setting does not only try to treat the pain point, but also tries to treat the cause of the problem. The treatment is safe and does not cause pain to the client. In addition, instructions are given, e.g. how body posture errors should be corrected and knowledge of how diet affects our body's functions.


When should you apply for Kalevala bone-setting:

Musculoskeletal pain conditions

Muscle and joint stiffness

Growing pains

cold extremities

Carpal tunnel pain and stiffness

Tennis elbow

Headaches / Migraines

Frozen shoulder or hand range of motion problems

Neck and shoulder pain conditions


Hip pain

Knee pain


Only topics:

Acute bone fractures, muscle tears, osteoporosis, tumors, infections, paralysis, carotid artery stenosis, connective tissue and rheumatic diseases, post-surgery conditions.


Treatment duration approx. 2 hours.   Price  €100

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