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The massage I do has its roots in the teachings of the People's Healer Rauha Kotilainen and Maire Kotilainen. Rauha Kotilainen took care of and massaged her clients until her very late age and cured them by saunas, massages, measurements, and also did jumping on a scarf. His hands recognized where there were sore spots and accumulated dross. That's what muscle and other pains are all about in the end games. Muscles, joints and tissues accumulate all kinds of sediment, starting from uric acid. The main reason for body imbalance is acidic diet, stress and constant rush. When you come for a massage, you forget all the worries and worries of the day and completely relax. Even just this breather given to the body sometimes works wonders. In the massage, I treat the whole body from head to toes. The nerve pathways, muscle membranes and muscles receive a comprehensive treatment, not forgetting the treatment of the soles of the feet, where all the reflection points of our body are located. As I already mentioned in the opening texts of my sites, the body is one  the whole and because of this, the best results are achieved by treating the whole body. The massage I do improves metabolism, relieves pain and gives extra freshness to everyday exercise. The massage lasts approx. 2 hours. 

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